Indiana wants her…

So I guess I have to give Mom back to Indiana. Yesterday, my actual 29th birthday, was awesome. I wish I could say we did all sorts of fabulous things, but it went like this: donuts, grilled cheese, home improvement TV, walked the dogs, more TV, dinner, watched the Candidate, sent Gene to bed, more TV, etc.

(Hmm. I just realized that no one sang “Happy Birthday”. Awesome! I am totally not one to like being the center of attention).

Right now we’re watching the DIY network. Soon, we’ll go to lunch then we’ll go to the airport. I hope Mom has had as much fun as she said she has.

BTW, apropos to nothing, Mom and I did end up watching the Purdue/Washington game, although we had to watch it on White Dog because the CBS affiliate down here was showing the UNC/LSU game. No one new on the Dead to Me list…yet.

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