So, so wrong…

Reason #171 I feel like playing in traffic sometimes

ETA: the URL title includes the F bomb, surf at your own risk.

ETAA: Okay, so the site above is somewhere between mean and deeply mean spirited. Did I ever claim to be the nicest girl on the block? (well, at work I claim to be the “nice” one compared to my coworkers, but that’s mostly a joke).

It’s just, sometimes I read posts on Babycenter or look at pictures on the above linked blog and think, “Why you and not me?” We waited a long time to try and get pg and it hasn’t happened (yet?) and yet babies have babies every day. Should I have just cashed in my morals and values*and had a baby in high school? What was the point of waiting for exotic extras like a college degree, home ownership and money in the bank (well, OK, maybe not that third one…sigh)? Would I have been better off trying to get knocked up at prom?

I just remembered that my Dad reads my blog every day, so let’s replace that last sentence with “Would I have been better off just becoming a nun the day after graduation?”

(And then let’s all collapse in giggles at the thought of THAT).

(Hey, Dad, can you imagine how much I’d have to censor this if Grandpa could surf the internet? Ha!)

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