April Fool’s…

So… tomorrow is April Fools Day. And a certain husband of mine sure loooooves to “get” me on April Fools. I wonder what he has planned? The good news is that I think he forgot about it until this evening. I told the girls at work that if his idea for April Fools is to call and tell me he’s been laid off I will give him one hell of a beat down.

(Not that that didn’t stop me from considering calling him and telling him *I* had been laid off, but fair is fair).

(Have also considered doctoring a pregnancy test but that’s just not funny anymore).

(Hmmm… would it be a good April Fool’s joke to bury the XBox controllers in the back yard? No, I don’t think so).

(ooh! Naked dude screensaver… now how do I pull that off, so to speak? LOL). 

(Alternate: Screensaver from The Girls of Krispy Kreme…)

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