Deductible, be gone!

Hmm. So it is the end of the first week of April and I’m not finished  with my $500 annual insurance deductible. Last year I polished it off by Valentine’s Day. Should I be glad that I haven’t had to visit doctors as often this year or annoyed that Blue Cross has gotten off scot free so far this year?

Speaking of health insurance, I hate open enrollment at my workplace. I’m in charge of the insurance for our hourly employees (well, I handle most of it, but Gwen handles the brainy stuff) and today was the first payroll of the new plan year (it runs 4/1-3/31) and it turns out that the report of enrollees to move to the new plan was seriously old. An employee who cancelled the old plan in October was on that list and a lady who has never had dental coverage through us mysteriously made the list for dental coverage.

Something else that makes me a little crazy: since our plan year at work begins on April 1 and the plan year for Gene’s employer begins 1/1 (like 90% of the rest of the planet), it makes it hard to change between plans. I was considering moving to my employer’s plan but geeeez, I’ve already paid 3/4 of this year’s deductible and I’d have to start all over again. Pffft. It would have been a money saver over the course of 12 months, though. Oh well!

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