Tried something new…

So, I have a pseudo-Bucket List. Instead of it being a list of cool things to do before I die, it’s a list of things that everyone else on planet Earth has done, that I haven’t yet. Currently on the list: drive a riding lawn mower, get in a bar fight (or maybe just a fight fight, whatever), drive a go cart, ride a mechanical bull. There are also a number of movies on the list that I’ve never seen. Drinking that tiny sip of beer at the airport in Frankfurt in November took “drink a beer” off that list. I’d also never played with silly string until a coworker got me a can of it for my last 29th birthday. 

Anyway, I’ve never eaten Peeps. Gene bought a pack of them. I ate one. It was awful. Never again. Why eat Peeps when there are Cadbury Mini Eggs and Starburst Jelly Beans? Another coworker has informed me that Sweet Tart jellybeans are even better. I have a bag in the pantry waiting to be enjoyed.

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