Big Plans!

So, I have two BIG fun weekends coming up. Next weekend, Gene and I are visiting a small town about 2 hours east of here for a chili cookoff. No, I don’t know why, but we have Marriott points to burn and our trip to FL was cancelled (stupid unraise) so we also have wanderlust and a need to get the hell out of Cheesecake City. 

Annnnnd…. the weekend after, we are both off for an extended weekend. I am taking off Thursday, Friday and Monday and Gene is out all that week. We are considering going to the beachy town in South Cheesecake with the initials “M.B.” but frankly that seems like a lot of work. And I’m not sure I want to take the dogs to the kennel two weekends in a row. Perhaps I can just talk Gene into getting pedicures here in town and maybe going to a movie.

Oh, and in honor of Easter, I think I may take and post a funny photo tomorrow. Well, I think it’s funny (as does Gene, if that tells you anything) but it may offend and cause you to stop visiting. LOL.

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