Spoiled rotten…

So, Gene did many sweet things yesterday!

1) He cleaned the guest bathroom! (Since we let the cleaning lady go, the guest bathroom is categorized as His Problem. Perhaps you think that the rest of the house being Largely My Problem makes it out of balance, but I think that this means there is one less toilet to clean and I am FINE with that).

2) He cleaned up the kitchen after last night’s very complicated dinner (I mean, a pasta pot AND a skillet? I know that *I* wouldn’t have wanted to clean all that – really).

3) He took a cabinet door off its hinges so we could go order a replacement from Lowes Home Improvement and then! He actually went to Lowes to order it. (Seriously – if it had been a Me Problem, the door would have stayed propped on the stairs for months). And! When it comes in he’s going to install it! With his bare hands! Color me impressed, especially if one of those bare hands is holding a screwdriver.

4) And then! We went to Chik-Fil-A for milkshakes. And he paid. Yea! (That may sound stupid, but we are budgeted only so much fun money a month, and I’d spent a bit of mine buying him milkshakes so this evens us out).

5) And this week! He is going out of town Wednesday night (big concert in Washington DC) so you know what that means! Taco Bell! Yeehaw. (Or maybe frozen food, but let’s assume Taco Bell).

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