so, where have YOU been?

First, I could have sworn I posted recently. Wrong!

Anyway, can you believe I had a four day weekend last week and still couldn’t get my act together here on my site? Yes! Really!

It was a very nice staycation (was supposed to be a way better real vacation to Florida but that was cancelled due to The Economy). (So maybe this is better since we maybe would have ended up with swine flu). We cleaned the house (what does it tell you about my tolerance level for doing stuff that I have to take days off of work before I’ll clean the house?), we got new tires for the Murano (and got to drive a loaner Nissan Rogue last Saturday – the Rogue is very nice although too small for the Kanine Kamper in the back of the Murano), we ran errands and I got my hair cut! (In a fit of desperation I went to a place in the mall on Saturday). Oh, and we had sushi. Yum.

The only thing on my To Do list that I didn’t to do was bake brownies. Since Safari crashed while I was in the middle of writing this post (omen that I shouldn’t bother blogging?), I may bake them now. Mmmm. 

Oh! Speaking of the blog, if this blog goes dark on or around 5/2, sorry. It will be exactly 1 year from the day I registered the domain and WordPress (my original registrar) thought that I was still registered through them. As if. I changed the registry a few months later to DreamHost and that gave me a year or something before I have to reregister. Anyway, if the site goes down tomorrow or Saturday, it’s not forever, but it may be until I can sufficiently jam my foot up WordPress’s… anyway. You get the picture.

And finally, I’m sorry that I haven’t been around. I’m hoping to have some good blogging material sometime in May but you may be stuck with rambling loony posts like this one and/or posts where I talk about the 50 songs in the Elaine’s Favorites playlist on iTunes. (Hint: it has more Pet Shop Boys than Fleetwood Mac, although I’m not sure what that means).

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