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100% batshit crazy and there are no two ways about it.

Cuh-ray-zee, people.

I just spent a ridiculous amount of the day obsessing about saving money. A good thing, right? Not if it’s on stuff I don’t need!

(Well, OK, “don’t need” is debatable in this case but just wait)

So, I hate cleaning. I miss my cleaning lady. I cannot tell you how long I went without having to mop a thing because of her. And then Unraise #1 happened (Gene’s, 5%) and bye bye cleaning lady. (I don’t think this deserves sympathy, BTW – I am cuhrazy, not delusional!). And now I’m back on mop duty. For example, I mopped last weekend and within an hour there were muddy paw prints everywhere. AUGH.

So now I’m looking for a Better Idea: enter the steam mop. But noooo, I can’t just buy the first one I see. I have to comparison shop myself to death – the Shark? the Hoover Envirocleaner? Fortunately, I was able to get a recommendation from the Almighty D (whose mom bought her one). But now, where do I buy it from? Amazon has it for $99 but that is Not Good Enough – surely there exists a coupon for some online store! So I go to Slickdeals.net, a website I glance at more or less daily. And those crazies are all abuzz about this Bing.com Cash Back thing. I like cash!

(Holy shit am I ever boring. Okay, let’s resort to bullet points or else I’ll be here all night).

* Bing.com cashback is confusing!

* Got overwhelmed trying to figure out Bing.com and put away laptop. Gene actually had to convince me to try again. This is not normal.

* Cheapest price is at Overstock.com ($69 after cash back) but does it include pads for the steam cleaner? Find online customer service department, IM with “Arthur” who says there are no pads in it at all.

* Got overwhelmed trying to find a slightly more expensive seller who definitely includes the pads. Put away laptop again. Gene keeps asking “Did you order it?”. That is DEFINITELY not normal.

* Hung out in kitchen with Gene, who was cooking dinner. Did the math, realized that even if Overstock’s version includes no pads and I have to order them from Amazon.com or similar I am still coming out ahead. Order from Overstock before I change my mind. Again.

And then I read a thread on SlickDeals about buying a front loading washer and dryer from Sears.com using this Bing.com cash back thing and in the end the SET is less than $900. I am so impressed by this that I am trying to figure out a) how to duplicate this and b) how to come up with $900.  Y’all. I do not need a washer. Or a dryer. And I definitely do not have $900 but it is still sooooo tempting.

(Maybe it’s a good thing I cancelled my Visa card).

(And the kicker to this whole Bing cash back thing – now they’re trying to say I only get 4% back instead of 16%, so it’s becoming less and less of a deal).

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