Whooping Cough Free, 27 Years in a Row…

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Took off work early to go visit Dr. Dreamboat about that persistent cough. No, I didn’t bring it up when I visited him two weeks ago. If you worked where I work, you’d dream up doctor’s visits, too. One of the girls at work has been diagnosed with a version of whooping cough…and I’ve been coughing a lot…and…well, you do the math. Use the “new math” I used yesterday.

But no, I’m not sick like that! Yippee! He gave me prescriptions for some inhaler thing and some “cough pill” (instead of cough syrup, score!). He said that with persistent coughs sometimes it’s best to treat it like asthma.

And in other news, check out the geography quizzes here: Quiz!. It is a ton of fun!

Th-th-that’s all folks!

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