I hate Mondays…

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Great weekend — Sunday we mostly just bummed around the house. Got laundry done, finished watching the Inauguration (Shh, don’t tell my mom) and a few random things from the PVR.

Today at work was …. fun. (No, not really). Old boss spammed the hell out of me with questions about the insurance bills. Most of my answers were “oh, no, I didn’t do that…”, including the big Kahuna of Elaine screwups — one of our higher ups has been out of the office for over a year due to a workers compensation injury and someone (I won’t name names but I hear she’s a blogger…) was supposed to hound him to pay his insurance. Well, I never did because I felt bad for him — the Workers Comp $ is only 2/3 of his wages and all I heard was that he was super broke and weepy and in pain. And he was my friend. I’m over all of that, BTW – now, not even the Workers Comp folks believe he’s really still injured. So anyway, I had to fess THAT up to her. I still don’t believe I’m safe on THAT.

And now, I’d really rather play with the beagles and watch TV and read Jon Stewart’s America. Yes, it’s now 2 weeks overdue. Shhhh.

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