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Work wasn’t bad today — after work, I got the car washed (one of those drive through placces — there was a line, so I parked in line and read my book — mm, reading!), went to Old Navy and picked up fried chicken for dinner. I even called my mother in law from the car. She made goal at Weight Watchers. Go Blanche!

Here’s why I went to Old Navy: Did you know they sell baby clothes? Did you know that the baby clothes are super cute? And some of them are on clearance? I totally had to rein in my grabby hands because I was looking for one onesie (it is blue and has “Party at My Crib” written on it; I thought my SIL might like it) in particular. Other than that one item I don’t plan to buy clothes for SIL’s upcoming arrival. I’ll get the sizes/seasons all wrong and it’s just not worth it. I couldn’t find the onesie I was searching for anyway. Oh, well. I saw it on a friend’s blog and I’m sure it’s long since off the shelves.

(Evil voice in my head says “There’s an Old Navy at the mall, too…”)…

Off to go shut that voice up…bad, bad voice.

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