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Blog readers, can you tell that I love Fridays?

So, since I last posted: Wednesday night I updated my IPod, adding a bunch of music and getting rid of some as well. Right now my IPod is half full with over 500 songs on it, including the entire Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan boxsets. Take it from me that this is a LOT of Fleetwood Mac and Steely Dan! I’ll probably add some more to it later. I also had my first experience buying songs from ITunes. It is addictively easy. I may drag us into the poorhouse yet!

While updating my IPod, I called my best friend and blog reader Brandy. She has been suffering back pain recently and her doctor has diagnosed it as spina bifida, which is a hereditary condition that was not previously discovered. So she’s doing physical therapy, fun spinal injections and two V’s – Vicodin and Valium. No, she won’t share. At least not with me (pouts).

Here’s something weird about my current position (Payroll Clerk): it’s days of bordeom mixed with hours of “Ohmygodthereistoomuchtodo!”. Also, my boss is very nice about helping me. And you know how much I like being helped. Ugh. I feel like it’s a vote of no-confidence that she helps me. My desk is now in a fishbowl – I’m one of 5 and will be one of 6 if/when the other temp gets back from being ill. It’s so noisy! Ahh! Phones, emails, typing, printers, Muzak, talking talking talking. I can hear myself think, but the thoughts are confusing because I can’t think straight with all that damned noise. And it makes me crazy how much time some of the girls spend on personal phone calls. I’m glad I’ve got D to calm me down.

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