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Nah, I haven’t turned over a new leaf. Still cursing like a truck driver normally, just not now.

It’s snowing — or it was snowing. There’s maybe a rockin’ inch on the ground, just enough to get us to the grocery store for the first time in awhile. Yes, we bought bread, eggs and milk. A lot of milk. Because we bought a lot of cereal. A LOT of cereal. Plus the makings for crumb cake coffee cake (mmmm) and meatloaf and other munchies a’plenty.

Interesting: Scooby, who normally looks at you like you’re on crack if you suggest a trip outdoors when it’s windy, has been outside something like 6 times today. Do you think he doesn’t realize he has a nice, warm home to go to? Is he perhaps reconnecting to his street beagle days? Betty Booper, of course, isn’t afraid of nothin’ and actually refused to come in awhile ago. C’mon, beagles — there is a fireplace with a giant pillow, just crying for you.

Since I’m apparently even lazier than normal when there is snow on the ground, I spent some time surfing the web (shocker) hunting for a new OB/GYN. I like my current doctor just fine, but unless you’re 91/2 months pregnant and the contractions are 30 seconds apart, you’re just not interesting to her. When I had my IUD put in two years ago, I first was delayed until the afternoon because she’d been up all night delivering a baby, but when I returned I was stuck wearing a sheet and a smile for over an hour before she decided to come frigging visit me. So now I’m on the hunt for a doctor who loves me best, even when I won’t be 91/2 months pregnant (please, never that pg…) for another 3 years.

Not helping the process is my husband – he had a procedure done at one of the major hospitals in our city. Most of it was paid by the insurance — but some of it ($212.80 to be exact) was our responsbility. We found that out something like 2 years after the procedure and Gene fought it for close to a year before finally capitulating and paying the damned bill. Gene’s mad at the hospital (and I don’t blame him, really; even after paying it was still on his credit as a negative for ages) and refuses to use this hospital (3 miles from our house) or any doctor in this hospital’s many, many, MANY practices around the town (with the exception of Doctor Dreamboat, but that may change). So that leaves me with the hospital close to my office (where my current OB/GYN has privledges) or the hospital 10 miles down the highway from our house.

Therefore, I must find (must?) an OB/GYN that is accepted by my insurance that has priviledges in one or both of these hospitals but is not associated with a practice with that other hospital.

Maybe we’ll just move instead!

In other news, I’m going to be out of town the next two weekends. Next weekend Gene and I will be in his hometown…not really sure why. His brother and sister in law (and my in-utero nephew) are visiting and…I have no idea. I don’t think they’re packing. They’re going to move some things back to OH from Blanche’s garage (tires, momentos, etc). Then the next weekend we’ll be in Knoxville, TN for a Robert Earl Keen concert. It’s going to be the boy’s first concert ever. Poor beagles — they’re going to the kennel two weekends in a row, then day board when Gene has to go out of town again (the week of Valentine’s Day).

Off to go slack elsewhere…

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