Great Things about the Internet…

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Let’s make a fun list of great things about the Internet…

1) As previously noted, I met my husband on the Internet (if we’re counting AOL).
2) Found my belovedest beagles on the Internet (
3) Was able to print out declaration sheet for auto insurance ( and statement for 401k ( instead of going through nasty stack of filing to find information (which has probably been lost, anyway….)
4) — I mean, this site has Eagles fans who can discuss which pants they like on which Eagle (and that would be jeans on Glenn Frey for them…for me, give me Henley circa ’91 anytime)
5) — the best website to go slack off for a moment mid work-day and not be caught surfing to a more embarassing website. I mean, geez! The news is important!
6) — it is SO healthy for me to sound off on a more or less daily basis.
7) — another good site to surf to, especially with the temp girl in accounting having a form of whooping cough. What’s so bad about looking into the condition?
8) — just proves that there are brides out there even more psycho than I was.
9) — hey, who was that guy who played the victim on Wednesday’s Law & Order?

That’s enough! So far today, I’ve washed and dried several loads of laundry and remade the bed in clean sheets. Mmm! I was hoping to get some writing done, but I’ve either got a block or I’m just plain lazy.

Maybe I’ll get some reading in, instead. Finally finished America. Choices for what’s next:
1) Atlas Shrugged (always, always)
2) Kirsty MacColl (bio of the late, great Kirsty MacColl)
3) Eats, Shoots and Leaves (Xmas gift from Mom, looks interesting)
4) 3 different books about the last Czar of Russia (Nicholas II, for anyone keeping score), which is my favorite historical theme. All 3 books were from the bargain book table at B&N.
5) Portrait of a Lady by Henry James (this is at the bottom of the list – I just suffered through House of Mirth, the movie version and frankly that’s ENOUGH costume drama crapola for awhile).
6) Is that a Gun in your pocket? – book about women in Hollywood.
7) Reelin in the Years, the Steely Dan bio.
8) Various and sundry old magazine articles I’ve collected on eBay. It’s mostly research stuff about music and the ’80s and since it is my totally secret shame (to the point where I typically disavow knowledge if you ask me about it) I will maybe try to work on it while Gene’s out of town. Under cover of night. In disguise.

Off to retrieve my enormous sunglasses and sombrero from the cleaners…

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