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So, the dogs needed flea treatment. We use Frontline Plus (we used a new pill flea treatment, which I loved for its ease but hated the cost). I bought a 3 pack (1.5 months worth for two dogs) at Petco for $62. I’d been pricing it online and I thought that seemed high, but I decided that I was wrong because why would there be such a disparity in price?

Today I go to Petco’s website and the same doggone (ha ha) stuff is $42. A difference of $20! That is just stupid! So then I get really aggravated and went to Bing.com (the tantalizing home of Bing Cashback) and searched for Frontline Plus.

Whee! Drugstore.com has it on sale. Plus 20% Bing Cash Back.

So, my choices were: 1.5 months from Petco for $62, 1.5 months from Petco.com for $42 OR…(I love this!) 3 months from Drugstore.com for $71 before 20% Bing Cashback. Minus 20% = $57. WOOOHOOO! I got more than double for my money. YAY!

And yes, I did return the original package to Petco. The cashier told me they’d price match their own website (???!!!!) but that I’d have to bring them a printout for the difference. From their own website!

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