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Not that you asked, but…

home sick today. It all started Friday with some minor barfyness which I thought was a fun side effect to the generic Zoloft (? Paxil?) that Dr. J prescribed for me. By midday Saturday I was not a happy girl and after a 100% disastrous Valentine’s Day not-dinner (loooong story involving a 6:30 reservation and a small parking lot and not involving getting to eat)… let’s just agree that I’ve pretty much just taken to bed. I don’t think prescriptions give one the chills, so I’m thinking cold or flu. Yay.

I can’t decide if I’m feeling better or not. I feel a little dizzy and easily tired but I have an eye doctor appointment at 8:45 am tomorrow so I am going to at least go to that. I would like to make it to work for part of the day or else Wednesday (big payroll day) is going to be hellish.

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