European Tour 2010

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So, theoretically we are going to Germany in June/July. Now, flights to Kuala Lumpur were crazy expensive, but we only had to pay for one ticket (mine) since Gene’s lovely employer paid his way. So I keep cruising over to to look at flights and here are my thoughts (because I know you care):

1) Expedia, please stop trying to pre-populate the field for destination airport. I start typing “BER” (Berlin – All airports, because there are currently two and isn’t that wacky?) and it tries to suggest Bermuda. Don’t make me cry, Expedia. I want to go to Bermuda, but our friends aren’t there. 🙁

2) Why, oh why are the flights from Cheesecake City to Berlin so goddamned expensive??? Seriously. When I booked the flight from Cheesecake City to Frankfurt (we flew from Cheesecake to Frankfurt to KL), that small part of the trip was practically nothing. Why, I have actually paid more to go to Indianapolis (why? Because it’s worth it!). So why is Cheesecake to Berlin $1500?? (AUGH). Germany is not far! It is right there :::points in the general direction of East::: !!!

3) And why do the cheapest flights (a mere $1300 for Cheesecake to Newark to WARSAW to Berlin) insist on us going through Poland? I have heard the jokes and HELL NO. (Sorry, Poland! Although I recall eating pierogies and those were delightful…)

4) As a Leonard Cohen fan, I am severely tempted to intentionally book a flight through JFK. ‘Cause, you know, first we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin… (Why doesn’t Gene think that’s funny? WHY???) (Is it because JFK is technically in Queens, I think?) (WhatEVer!)

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