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It’s Friday (actually, it just turned Saturday). I did it. I survived the week. An entire week sick. I only missed work 1.5 days (I ended up working 4 hours on Tuesday), although I could not feel my face for part of Wednesday. I don’t know why, although I think that Mucinex (and only getting about 3-4 hours rest) is at fault.

I hate being sick mostly because I never get the kid glove treatment that SOMEONE gets when they are sick. How come someone decides that when I am sick, the answer is for me to pick up take out every night? (Because they are, what? Too well to cook? More like I was too sick to clean up after them…) If someone was sick, they wouldn’t dream of going outside the house, let alone into a restaurant or even through a drive through. And don’t ask about the gross mess that was my kitchen – how did it get so bad if we weren’t cooking dinner?

Every bit of energy I had this week went to work. If it’s true that we need my salary so bad, doesn’t that make sense?

Grrr. I really try hard not to complain about someone on this blog, but meh. It’s my damned square of the internet and I will bitch if I want to.

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