oh, hell

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I had a job interview this morning. I met with three people, including the woman who (I think) would have been my direct supervisor. I think it went really well, although they insisted on asking all those goofy non-questions like “Tell me about a time you had to resolve a conflict and what you learned from it.”

Aaaaand when I got home Gene handed me the phone. It was the recruiter I’d been working with calling to give me the delightful news that they decided to not hire me.

Oh, maaaan! I wish I hadn’t had the interview at all, although it was a good experience. I spent way too much on a moderately ugly suit to wear today and if I hadn’t had the interview I could have returned the suit and definitely the stupid “shell” the saleswoman convinced me to buy (seriously – $40 for a silky tank top???)

The good news is that the company is going to be hiring many many positions in the next year, so hopefully one of those will be a good fit for me.

(Their loss, right? RIIIIGHT? D, don’t answer that…)

One thought on “oh, hell

  1. Good thing you added the postscript Lainey! Now I feel compelled to abide by your wishes and keep my trap shut! But since you already received the verbal version – the written version probably isn’t necessary anyway. I understand I’m much more intimidating in person. You will notice that I actually used my assigned moniker. That was also meant to be intimidating.

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