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So, the good thing that happened yesterday is that I picked up my new glasses. I was going to take a picture of myself in them but after I figured out the webcam thingie on White Dog, it turns out I have about 5 chins. So, no pictures for you!

(How is it possible that I am the only woman on Earth who has a ridiculously good self image? I thought I was skinny! Ugh!)

Here are the frames, though. Make sure you look at them in the ‘plum’ color, as that is the color I bought. Thanks a lot, eye doctor’s office – why would I ever have wanted to order these glasses in a non-crazy color like brown or black? PURPLE! That makes sense.

(Actually, they are very cute and I do like them. I kept looking at myself in the rearview mirror on the way home from work yesterday. I looked skinny in the rearview – glad the webcam is here to gently suggest I am a wildebeast).

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