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So tomorrow’s my last day at my current employer’s. Nearly 10 years, all finished. I cleaned out my personal stuff last week and brought it home yesterday (OK, it’s still in the back of the car but the car’s in the garage which is part of the house).

I never thought I’d retire from my employer’s, but I’m still surprised that after tomorrow I won’t walk back in there again (I’ve been asked to ‘keep in touch’ but I think that I will only stay close w/ The Almighty D).

After tomorrow… no more stupid Xmas Muzak (no Muzak at all!)…no more phone calls from baby daddies…no more endless social services forms. Starting Monday, I will be an Implementation Analyst for a payroll provider and I will work with new clients. The new job is a heavy burden – I have seen (or at least heard) how hard our rep at our payroll provider works and I know I want to be as good as her. She is always always friendly and so smart.

Other hilarity: I was sitting in the car today, reading, when my phone rang. It was a payroll manager from a company I’d sent my resume to. The job was extremely promising but way too far away (almost an hour). The money was crazy good (more than I have ever made!) and I was sorely tempted to try and interview Thursday or Friday just in case the new job doesn’t work out.

I hope I have made the right choice!

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