I heart unemployment…

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or at least temporary unemployment.

So, Wednesday was it. I got to work a little early and worked my ass off (seriously, I was in the middle of writing an insurance procedure at zero hour – never finished, btw) until Boss Gwen announced that lunch was ready. She had ordered a huge range of Chinese food for us all to eat and enjoy!

All of us sat in the conference room and ate and talked talked talked. Everyone signed a very sweet “farewell” card and pitched in to get me a membership to the Chocolate of the Month club. Once a quarter for the next year I’ll get a box of candy! What a great idea!

After everyone went back to work, Gwen and I talked for a few minutes. Mostly about my replacement and all I could really say was, “It’ll be fine!” (Privately, I told D that “It’ll be a nightmare!”).

Then, we loaded up the car with the last of my stuff (and leftover Farewell Cheesecake, leftover Chinese food and Good Luck balloons). Gwen and I tried to stay very stoic about it and not cry (well, OK, it would have been more along the lines of WAHOO from my side of the table).

Yesterday, I hung around the house until noon, then I picked up lunch for D and I and drove out to her house where we ate and talked and talked and talked and talked and talked. Since I hadn’t seen her for more than an hour since her surgery, it was so freaking nice to spend all that time with her. Especially since I didn’t have to keep an ear out for Gwen (who was understandably annoyed to see her two underlings yammering instead of working). Oh, it was a wonderful day.

Today, I again hung around the house until noon and then Gene and I went to see the new movie Inception. OMG, it was a great movie but it was very confusing. I wonder if Leonardo DeCaprio will ever evolve into a comedic actor or if he’ll stick to playing troubled men (Revolutionary Road, all those Scorcese movies, etc)?

And now I’m geeking although I should go be a good girl and clean the kitchen, which is just…in need of a good sweeping, wipe down and steam mopping.

Monday, I start a new adventure.

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