Is today my birthday and no one told me?

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So, I don’t know how to explain this, but the new job rocks. Raaaaaawwwwks.

Did I mention that the company buys all of us lunch on Fridays? I heard this and was pleased – my previous employer was a restaurant company so there was always food around. I was looking quite forward to whatever the company deigned to purchase for my consumption – pizza, perhaps a giant sub sandwich.

So imagine my shock when the menu that was passed around – that we got to choose our lunch from – was from Olive Garden.

(Olive Garden sidebar: the first time I went to Olive Garden, it was with my Grandma and Grandpa M and my brother and my mom. We went because Grandpa won big at poker. Ten or so years later, Gene and I had our first date at the Olive Garden in Muncie, Indiana).

So yay! Free Olive Garden. And free ice cream (not company sponsored, but the company who owns the building paid.)

I’m patiently waiting to hear what’s wrong with this company. Blow Job Tuesdays? Maybe we all take turns cleaning the bathroom?

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