The (short) height of laziness…

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I haven’t checked my email in days.

(Yes, I check my work email and my Gmail email, but not my “grownup” email. There’s an email from Former -!!- Boss Gwen waiting on me and I just can’t go there).

Had a dream last night that I went to my old workplace and automatically sat down at my old desk and checked my email (which was my reflex back when I worked there) and noticed there were over 100 emails there. I was horrified until I realized that a) they were probably getting forwarded to the new payroll clerk and b) I didn’t work there, so they weren’t my issue anyway. Next, in the dream, I gave hell to a former co-worker for something (D, it was the redheaded girl in training) and avoided talking to Former Boss Gwen.

Back in the awake world, work is crazy busy. Today I set up my first company (and started a second). Maybe Mondays are just super busy – there were 7 to set up – but otherwise I don’t know how these ladies keep up this pace. Quitting time comes really quickly. I just realized that I didn’t even miss websurfing in between tasks. (Weird).

Thursday is my first pay date at the new company. Tomorrow is my last pay date at the old company. (I was all pleased about having extra money in the budget until Gene had the audacity to point out the unexpected purchase of a washing machine. Damn).

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