Pretty please?

Can we just stop using the word “lurve” and the acronym “KWIM”? And the phrase “method to my (your/their/our) madness”?

When I’m the queen of everything, those words and phrases are gone. Also, teenagers will be taught the proper use of the word “proverbial”* and if they can’t get it right by the time they graduate from college they will be sent to Australia. Sorry, Australia.

Wow, it feels good to get that out.

*At the old job, Stefania’s Toady used the word “proverbial” despite not having a bloody clue what the word meant. I think she thought it meant the same as “infamous”**. She’d say things like “It’s time to write down the check numbers in the proverbial notebook” and I wanted to lose my mind and tell her that it’s not a proverbial notebook, it’s an actual notebook. I never actually did that, but now I can complain about it here.

** And speaking of infamous, why is the word “famous” pronounced “fay-mess” but “infamous” is “in-fuh-muss.” It should be INfamous, as in, “Come over here, I’m in Famous Footwear looking for socks.”

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