The Ohio Saga – Part I (The Road There)

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Hi everyone! I survived my trip to Ohio. Right now I’m alone in the house so what do I do? Clean? Cook? Read? (Mmmm, read….) No! Blog!

Eye doctor appointment was a bust because Gene’s vision insurance is quirky. I need to investigate it but Thursday wasn’t the day. Dropped the hounds off at the kennels, complete with big bag of dog food (5 or 8 lbs – hey, it’s big for OUR dogs). Savored what would be my last real time alone until…oh, Christ. Right now.

Got on the road around noon. Stopped for lunch at a restaurant located next to one of my company’s restaurants. (ooh, so badass, not going to a company restaurant!) Made it to the boy’s around 3 and Blanche’s soon after. Stopped for dinner at Cracker Barrel in TN. Bitchfight over the check ensues (this was the first of many such bitchfights).

Did you know Tennessee smells? I noticed this when we went to Knoxville in February and it’s still true!

The funniest thing I saw — and sadly, it was at night so I have no documentation, was the GIANT (maybe 6 stories tall?) cross next to the Adult Entertainment store.

At one point we stopped for gas at a BP station somewhere (Kentucky?) and I took a header over a cement block. Nothing like looking like a bufoon in Kentucky to make a nice girl proud!

Made it to the hotel in Columbus about midnight. Parked the car (valet – only option! ridiculous!). To bed. Zzzzz.

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