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(For the record, a number of these “thoughts” have popped up this weekend while I’ve been dozing in bed as I have been sick since, let’s say Friday night)

1) I need $1000 for a purse. Where do I get $1000?

2) I bet that textbooks that were used by students in the former Soviet Union are pretty hilarious now and are full of inaccuracies. I should look for “Soviet Union textbook” on eBay and see if there’s a history book or something. I bet it’s cheap!

3) Ooh, I also bet it’s in Russian. Damn.

4) Maybe “Chinese textbook”? Wait, that’d be in Mandarin.

5) What do they speak in Cuba? Spanish. Damn.

6) Am I going to work on Monday? My lazy ass says no, the rest of me knows I probably should go.

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