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Like an idiot!

This “Big Payroll Year-End Cold” is just MEAN. And Walgreens not having any orange push pops is VERY MEAN. I stopped there after work for some more Mucinex and they didn’t have any. I totally should have just gone to the grocery store.

Ugh, I’m so ridiculously crabby right now! I wish I’d called in sick to work but my clients need me so I went in – like an idiot! – and spent half the day talking like Harvey Fierstein, which is exactly the voice you want to use when you’re trying to convince the state of California that your employer did, in fact, send the child support funds via ACH, they just neglected to include the relevant case numbers. So California of course sent the money back…somewhere. And now all the baby daddies and baby mamas are pissed because their baby mamas and baby daddies are pissed because they are without support.

And when I wasn’t doing all of that, I was thinking “Why the hell am I here today? I should be at home freebasing antibiotics and codeine and reading Mini-Shopaholic!” And I can’t stay home tomorrow* because tomorrow’s my late night at work.

* Okay, actually I COULD stay home tomorrow. Mrs. Bossman, my awesome boss, already told me I could.


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