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So I decided to stay home sick from work today. It was a collaborative effort between Gene, Ladydoctor (Dr. Hottie’s associate – Dr. H is a difficult ticket to get) and least of all me. Literally, until 9:25 this morning I was going to buck up and go to work anyway (like yesterday, like an idiot!). I was all dressed and then I thought, “Oh, to get to go back to bed…”

See, here’s the deal. I love days off work. They feel so decadent. Even the rare time when I leave work at 5:30 instead of 6 or later just feels awesome. (Then again, during Year End, sometimes a long postponed trip to to the restroom feels as great as a week in Hawaii).

But – what about tomorrow? Tomorrow I’m going to wake up and think “Ehh, back to work? Really?” because that is how my brain works. If one day off work is nice, then two days must be even better! Laziness is a Crisco’d slippery slope for me and this is why I try to never give in. Because if it were up to me I would never work and I’d spend my days picking up carryout sushi and watching Netflix’d episodes of TV shows.

(Also: I have cough syrup w/ codeine and it’s not letting me sleep. WTF??)

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