One day off deserves another…

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Ugh, I called in sick again today. I could have made it to work if I’d had a decent night’s rest but I woke up every hour on the hour (I know this because we have an alarm clock that projects the time on our ceiling). I had four freaking teaspoons of cough syrup w/ codeine, why did they not knock me the hell out??

So anyway, I called in and left a message on my company’s client service voicemail (I called before the office opened) that I would not be in but to call me if they needed me (they wouldn’t, but it feels good to offer) and then I lay in bed, watching the time tick by, trying to decide if I should call after business hours start to make sure they got my voicemail. I decided “Ehh, I left a voicemail, I did my part” and finally passed out at about 9…and woke up at 10 when my cellphone rang. Guess who didn’t get my voice message? Sigh.

(Here is what I bet happened – 9 am rolled around and no one on my team was taking phone calls – Wednesdays are Mrs. Bossman’s late night so she gets to work late – I find it very telltale that Mrs. Bossman called right when she arrived.)

(Note to self, call Mrs. Bossman’s cellphone next time).

Grumble grumble. Back to work tomorrow.

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