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I had a plan, back in June 2010. I was going to take a picture and post it on my blog on my last day at the old job, when I no longer had to call my old boss Gwen and my beloved friend The Almighty D.

Anyway…back in those crazy days, D (she has a full name! It’s Denise!) left for her FMLA leave about 2 weeks before I left the Old Job for good (ahhh). Neither of us planned it that way (for all that it felt good to torture Gwen) but sometimes things don’t happen in the best way, they just happen like they happen.

So, a Tuesday was D’s last day before her leave and it was the Last Day I’d Ever Work With Denise. (OMG, I’m sad just thinking about it!) I had never, ever taken a picture with her, not in nearly 8 years of working together. But that day, I took the picture. And here it is!

Denise and I, June 2010

(My chin is really not so wide that you could show home movies on it, it’s the angle. Quick, look at Denise’s pretty blue necklace instead!)

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