Lindsey Lohan Sucks…

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(Subtitled, Read Any Good Books Lately?)


So, I’m reading this book. It says “Lindsey Lohan Sucks” on the side, but inside it’s “Twilight.” I started it when I was sick last week. Last week, I read “Lace II”, “Zoya” and “Mini-Shopaholic.” Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages. Granted, I started “Twilight” late in the sickness, but this book is awful. Literally, the best written part of this book is “Lindsey Lohan Sucks”. (Frankly, I didn’t realize that the typical 15 year old girl cared about Lindsey anymore, but whatevs). I own no less than 2 V.C. Andrews series and I vividly remember many of the Sweet Valley High books so it’s not like I don’t have a reference point for “terrible”. I’m less than 200 pages into it but I’m still hoping to muscle through it as I have the rest of the series.

(Let me saw “THANK YOU!” because at least I didn’t pay for any of the “Twilight” books).

(And thanks Stefanie Meyer for proving that it can’t be THAT difficult to get published…).

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