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Usually we call Sadie “Sadie”, “Sadie Pie” or “Sadie Pot Pie” but I think I’m going to call her Scratchy McScratcherton instead.

I woke up after 2 hours of sleep (so, at 1:30 am) and got out of bed after being unable to go back to sleep. I wanted to research some stuff on the internet and of course the dogs could hear me so Sadie…er, Scratchy…starts whining (she is not yet on board with the kenneling thing). So, I (as Mr. Burns on the Simpsons would say) released the hounds and Sadie immediately scratches my right arm and right leg (stupid night shirt) in her excitement for being released (she was prancing, hard to explain). As the dogs and I head back into our living room I notice that the scratch on my arm is deep enough that it drew blood and looks vaguely like I have tried to kill myself by dragging a safety pin across a wrist.


I think Sadie may get to meet the groomers a little early – her coat is clean but she is in desperate need of a nail trim. (Note to self: Ask Gene to take her tomorrow).

And now, I am going to unload on my poor defenseless blog for a moment.

So, AMC’s Best Picture Showcase is taking place over the next two Saturdays and we have tickets for both days. Last year we just had The Dog Lady come over and that worked out fine so that’s what we’re doing this year. But this year we have Sadie and two new kennels with doors that shut differently from the old kennels

::pause while I stop Sadie from eating a chicken nugget, which someone not named Elaine has left on the side table::

Anyway, new dog, new kennels. I guess I just feel like a grade-A jerk for leaving Sadie (and Betty and Scooby) in their kennels all day while we’re out having fun (we so rarely are out of the house or that long). The Dog Lady will visit 2x per day and I know I’ll be concerned about how it goes. I’ll leave her a long note explaining the whole thing (how the kennels open – but it’s not like she’s never seen them, I know). And I think I’ll talk to Gene about letting the dogs bunk with us Saturday night so they get a special treat too.

And finally, I know that Sadie wasn’t scratching to be mean. I know she’s excited to be out of her kennel. There’s a learning curve to owning three dogs, especially because Sadie is taller and larger than Betty and Scooby – we, the humans, aren’t used to having a dog who can swipe stuff off the side table or the bathroom counter. When I say learning curve, I mean ours, not Sadie’s. Maybe we, the humans, need remedial dog training.

Going to try to go back to bed now….

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