The Ohio Saga – Part IV (Sunday)

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Ahh, finally…the thing we drove all this (freaking) way for. The Graduation. But really, so much happened Sunday even BEFORE the graduation. First, Al and the travelling bunch went to Panera for breakfast. Melissa had to pick up her graduation gown and post the grades for the class she taught. After breakfast, we met Melissa at the Old House and split up to go to the New House (thank God, we were in 2 cars so I wasn’t crammed in the backseat!). We finally got to see inside. Nice people owned it – they are originally from MD and designed the house themselves. It’s really a nice house, on around 2 acres.

After this we went to lunch (barbeque) and drove around the little town where the New House is. Then, off to the University for the graduation ceremony. Lots of rushing about, since everything was last minute. Someone gave Blanche a seat, the boy sat on concrete steps, Al stood for part of it and sat down who knows where for part of the ceremony, Gene stood until the PhDs were finished and then got the car and I stood…for…the…entire…thing. Augh!

I missed Al’s Ph.D graduation a year or so ago because I was out of vacation time, so this was my first exposure to an Ohio State graduation. I think going to OSU must be something that runs through entire families. Perhaps all major universities are like this. I know that my own alma mater wasn’t, but let’s be honest and admit that I graduated from a second-rate college (I had a second choice school, but that was mostly only if Ball State University mysteriously combusted or something).

Anyway, the graduation ceremony was very cool. I am so proud of Melissa and Al. Educational achievement always beats other kinds of achievement (relationships, babies, etc), at least in my opinion. I realize it sounds elitist. I’m a snobby bitch that way, so love me or leave me.

Interesting note: only the Ph.D graduates got called up on stage to accept their diplomas by name. After that, the master’s graduates and Bachelor’s graduates all stood when their school (discipline: fine arts, architecture, etc) was called. Then they all processed up to to the stage to receive their diploma, but their name wasn’t called. I think that must be the difference between my education and the larger state schools, since at BSU my entire name was called when I walked up to the stage.

Finally, everyone sang the Alma Mater, which ends with everyone spelling out “Ohio” in “YMCA” fashion.

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