The Ohio Saga – Part V (Monday)

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And, home….

Left Ohio about 7:30 Monday AM. Stopped for lunch in West Virginia at a place that claimed to be the “Best of West Virginia.” The best of WV is a food court. I think that means the WORST of WV is where you grill your own squirrel.

I drove a small portion of the way home, while still in OH. It was my first time driving the new car. It wasn’t bad to drive it. I think we picked well, considering that we’ve been car shopping almost our entire relationship.

Made it home by 4:30. Immediately left to pick up the dogs in my car. Betty was so happy to see me she immediately rolled onto her belly. I missed those dogs so much!!!

After the dogs and I got home, we went across the street to the sandwich shop for dinner, which meant :: Happy Dance :: that I didn’t have to pick up dinner. Ooh, was it nice!!

And now (Bonus: I’ll talk about today, Tuesday):

Today’s my birthday. I’m 28 years old today. Next year I’ll be 29 and the year after, I’ll be 29. I feel that 30 is too grown up and I’m a total fucking idiot so I’d better stay 29 until I actually look, act and feel 30 and then I’ll claim it.

The first person to wish me Happy Birthday: Gene.
Then the AA at work. Then my co-horts in the accounting dept. Then my Mom (By phone, from IN). Then my old boss. Then D at work (she may have been before the old boss, so I apologize if I’m out of order).

While I was typing the first Ohio post, my grandfather (dad’s dad) called. My feelings towards him vary a lot. He has given my family in general and me in particular some very big gifts. A lot of my good fortune is due to his hard work and his ideals. A lot of my beliefs and attitudes come from Grandpa and to an even bigger degree, his late wife, my Grandmother. So, all of that said, why can’t I like this man better? Why do I avoid calling him? Why did I play FreeCell while I was on the phone with him? Well, he frustrates me a lot. And he totally loves to make digs about the other side of my family. His opinions are completely valid and in a lot of cases, totally correct. He’s on the fence about going to Indiana in May for Bill’s graduation (sorry to spill the beans, Macaulay — but maybe you’ll win after all?).

Anyway, Gene just called to wish me a happy birthday again. He had dinner with Blanche and the boy so I guess I’m on my own for dinner. I shouldn’t mope about, though because we’re having a just us birthday dinner Friday. Mmm!

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