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Point #1: Just enjoy the fact that you do not desperately NEED any appliances and stop window shopping for them. You’ll need a new fridge, dishwasher and dryer soon enough but probably not all at the same time (Sears 20% off 3 appliances sale be damned). Click away from the Slickdeals.net threads about great sales on front loading washer/dryer sets as you bought a washer less than a year ago and also do not like front loading washer/dryers.

Point #2: Unless you really enjoy feeling bad about yourself, stop volunteering too much information to your clients at work. When they say “Can your company….?”, the answer should be “Let me check and get back to you”, NOT “Yes of course we can!” The end result is taking so much grief from your boss that you kinda wish you’d applied to fold tshirts at the Gap instead of taking a real professional job.

Point #3: Take your damned lunch hour daily. Yes, abandon your teammates for 60 minutes a day, unless you really enjoy getting the evil eye for having overtime (which is currently banned). Ugh. Tuesday and Wednesday I completely skipped lunch and Thursday I took a 27 minute lunch (where I was nearly murdered in a head on collision as I returned with my bag o’ McDonalds)*. I kept thinking “Today I will ask to leave at 5” but it never happened so hence, overtime. (Don’t think I didn’t want those lunch hours…I would have gladly had another root canal if I could have avoided the stinky work I was doing instead)

* So was driving down the road and some complete moron was driving down the road as well…towards me, in my lane. The road is 4 lanes (two in each direction) with a divider in the middle that you can’t drive over (Unless you’re in a tank). Luckily, the stupid person (her, not me) got to a break in the divider so she could get in her own damned lane, but I still honked at her. The next thing I see is Broomhilda, who saw the entire thing. We exchanged “What the fuck??” looks (well, I also mouthed “What the fuck?”) and proceeded to giggle about it later that day.

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