The risotto that wasn’t…

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So, about once a week we make dinner in the crock pot. This week, it was crock pot risotto.

Well, okay, it ended up being more like crock pot mush. You know how when you stir something all the smaller pieces kind of whirl around and get mixed up? Somehow, stirring this was more like moving a Hot Wheel car around a track. And the taste was more like oatmeal. I wish I could accurately tell you what the sound the entire crock’s worth made when it hit the garbage, except that it started with a massive sucking noise and ended with the sound a bowling ball makes when it hits the floor.

I didn’t cook it so I know it’s not my fault, although when I came home the crock pot was making a suspicious hissing noise so of course I took the lid off to peek. My first thought was, “Gee, that’s….beige.” (And yes I know you’re not supposed to take the lid off, but it only had a few more minutes to cook so I did not ruin dinner!)

Yes indeedy, back to risotto made on the stove top for us!

(And lest you think we starved, I picked up Panda Express for us that night).

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