Stupid things I did this week…

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But first, breaking news: I desperately want a donut. Am considering getting up tomorrow AM specifically to go to the grocery story and buy Krispy Kremes (oh, for the luxury of a Krispy Kreme shop nearby!) but am also terrified the grocery story will be closed or out of Krispy Kremes. May have to go tonight.

(Seriously? Everything is closed on Easter but open on Thanksgiving. What the hell? This is one of those things that, as an atheist, I just don’t ‘get’, isn’t it?)

Anyway, at the moment I can only think of one stupid thing I did this week, which I will sum up by saying “Just because it’s your colleague on the phone, don’t answer the phone ‘Hellllooooo!’ because it could be a ‘cold’ transfer and then BOY won’t the client be impressed by THAT!”

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