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Yes, it is nearly 1 AM and I’m awake. Hooray.

Our trip to Indiana was great except for the too short part. One of the highlights for me was running around town with just my mother. While on the hunt for a parking spot, I drove past a mother and daughter (about our ages) and it made me sad that wandering Target’s aisles with my mom is a novelty for me.

Other fun things:

1) Flight of the Valkyries came on the iPod while Gene and I were driving up I-65 in Indiana in our rented cream Mercedes. It was hilarious (to me) because the cars got out of our way super quick.

2) Lunch with my brother.  It is very rare that I get to even talk to him, let alone monopolize his time like that (he’s working two jobs to help support his family – go Bill!)

3) After a super crazy huge dinner with just Gene, Mom, Aunt and I, I got the chance for a few minutes alone with my Aunt (Gene was pulling the car around and Mom was tagging a picture of George W. Bush*). Getting that is even rarer than time with my brother. Since she works in Big Payroll too, she understands what I’m dealing with at work, although I caught myself wanting to say “We’re about to land this big client” or some other Tale of the Workplace but stopped because it’s probably something I’m not supposed to talk about with someone who is With the Competition.

4) Had lunch with Brandy and her older daughter and her twin babies. The twins were born last summer, after I started with Big Payroll, and I hadn’t had the opportunity to ‘meet’ them yet. (B, if you’re reading this, they are adorable and well behaved for being less than a year old).

5) In a surprise that no one could have seen coming, I saw my bridesmaid T with her husband and HER twins, who had just turned two and who I also had not met. I truly don’t remember the last time I saw T – before she got pregnant, I guess, so at least 3 years ago.

(Two of my three bridesmaids have twins and I have my fingers crossed for bridesmaid #3)

6) On the drive home, I was feeling a little under the weather so I bought a couple Nyquil tablets and popped those before we got on the road. Between midnight and at least 7 AM, I remember nothing except stopping once or twice for Gene to rest. By the time we got home I felt much better.

So that was my trip to IN. I can’t believe I made it a year in between visits!

*Nahh, she wasn’t tagging a picture of George W. Bush, but it’s funny to say that so it stays. Until the Secret Service arrests me for it.

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