Greetings from Arkansas

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So, I’m on vacation. Here are some things that have far. (Also, my internet access is entirely from my phone so this will be short)
1) met weird lady @ Atlanta who felt the need to comment on every news story on headline news
2) had cinnabon @ cheesecake airport, used plastic fork missing one or two tines. If I mysteriously perish in the next week, please tell CSI to check for pieces of plastic fork.
3) sat next to a man on the flight to little rock who looked like my dad and grandpa. Talked to him the entire flight and it was very interesting. Sample discussion: guy says that his wife told him he’d better pursue his retirement dream of being a truck driver now as there are no trucks in heaven. I respond that I disagree because surely mechanics go to heaven so what do they do w/ their time?
(Guy either liked my point or was one of those really nice Christians who is too nice to tell me to stfu).

More later.

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