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What’s new…
1) I should be an aunt on Friday. Not a lot is new with SIL and Cletus – oh, I’m supposed to call him by his ‘real’ name…but Friday’s not here yet and I like Cletus, and what if they decide to name the kid something goofy at the last minute?
2) No news on the boy’s knee, but the scrape from the dog walk last time still looks awful. Poor kid.
3) No contacts yet. Maybe soon. I bought sunglasses in anticipation of the blessed event.
4) I’m still keeping up with the Chore du Jour list. Today I had the day off (from chores) so I think I completed a Major Task – cleaning underneath our bathroom cabinets, which were scary. I filled an entire garbage can with expired medications. We have so much crap.
5) I should be folding laundry. I think that’s the reason behind giving myself Monday off, was to finish laundry. Oops. Maybe after my blog post?
6) My grandfather isn’t coming to Macaulay/Bill’s graduation. He dropped that bomb on me today – he being grandpa – because he has to go to some dinner at his country club. Ugh. I just don’t believe that man! I give UP on him.
7) What I’m reading: An Ordinary Guy (or maybe it’s called a Normal Man, or an Ordinary Man or a Normal Guy – something) by Mona Simpson. I bought it once – I think at the dollar store – and it didn’t make much sense. My copy of it may still be at my parents house. So far I’m still not getting into it. Oh, and Atlas Shrugged. I read a few pages last night before passing out at 10. Darn good sleep.
8) The dogs are now being fed Merrick Wilderness Blend dry dog food. Dear readers, I’m not telling you this to brag, but this food is so darn cool! I mean, go look at the picture in the link. How delicious does that look? I hope Scooby likes it. Betty will eat anything, including the rest of Gene’s Beanie Weenies from lunch. (Not intentionally – we don’t fed them human food).
9) ::eyeroll:: Freaking Betty
10) Not busy enough at work. My boss’s boss gave me some bizarre task – and he’s proud of thinking of it. No idea why we still pay for a temp, but at least she didn’t spend any time playing solitaire today. She’s back from her laser eye surgery and – damn! It didn’t blind her.

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