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(Alternate Title: Is it February yet?)

So, I had a first interview for the out of the blue job I got the call about two weeks ago…

And a second interview yesterday.

And now I’m sort of patiently waiting for a call or an email or a carrier pigeon or a fax or a smoke signal telling me “yay” or “nay”.


I know that I’m one of three candidates being considered, so I guess I have a 33% chance.

It’s not a totally perfect situation…for example, one of the company’s core values is one that I don’t share (hint: it’s the reason I have a category here called “Snaked Again, Naturally”). But it’s an environment that’s at least 50% less stress, theoretically better money and the location is literally a quarter mile from where I work now…

(which will be super awkward in the line at the nearby Starbucks)

In other news, I found out – through sheer nosiness – that one of my teammates has given her notice. Which means that Big Payroll Co may work harder to keep me, but it also means that after my coworker leaves, it’ll be me, Broomhilda, Boss Belinda, Token Dude and The New Girl. (And two other New People To Be Named Later).

(Oh, and Broomhilda interviewed for a job working closely with Pattie, our former team lead).

This means that I really, really want this job. It’s not just the anxiety talking when I say that my team in a month will be radically different from how it is now, and not for the better. I just can’t do it.

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