LaineyD’s First World Problems: July edition

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Grumble grumble grumble. It’s time for some baseless bitching, spoiled whiny brat complaining.

1) I have a Groupon to use for a personal service and have to book via email. I’m literally ignoring my email account (not GMail, but my grownup email) because emailing about this is just…ugh.

2) Going on vacation Friday for a few days, headed home by Monday or more likely Sunday. Spending a stupid amount of money for two days, including boarding the dogs for basically a week. I can’t believe I stopped looking at fun beach vacations for budgetary reasons and ended up with this. Grrr!

3) As I have since I was 12, I want an expensive handbag. All in all, I blame my Grandma A for buying me my first fancy purse, a Liz Claibourne, and teaching me that dreams come true. I made D look in the window at Hermes with me last weekend, which was good and bad. They were closed, which is good, and they are stupidly expensive, which is very bad. I still want an expensive handbag but I’m going to put it off until I turn 40.

4) Holy Fuck I’m going to turn 40 in less than 5 years. I keep doing the math and getting to 40, thinking “That just can’t be right. Forty is so…not old, per se but really grown up…surely I’m going to turn 30. No, Gene’s over 40 so oh my God it’s true.” I can’t decide if the fancy purse is worth turning 40, but wait 5 years and watch this space.

2 thoughts on “LaineyD’s First World Problems: July edition

  1. I thought you had handled the “expensive purse” bucket list with the “nicer than the boss’s purse” Michael Kors? Seriously, more expensive than that or Coach – which by the way, you carried for years? Liking the MK way better than the one that replaced the Coach. It screams “Classy”! And yes, I know you didn’t ask for my opinion, but as always, I’m so willing to share! 🙂 So Hermes is on the list now eh?

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