The rumors of my demise = greatly overestimated

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The rumors of my laziness, however cannot be overestimated enough.

First off, I actually did write a blog post on July 15, but it was enough of a sour grapes bitch fest that it wasn’t worth posting. Even though I did have a manically funny ongoing joke about spell check. (Please note, I said “manically” funny, not “maniacally” funny; therefore I mean that I was just a tad bit cuh-ray-zee, coo-koo, when I wrote the post).

Second, the first week back to work was rough! And the second week was rough, too! I got questioned by HR about a matter that led to a coworker ending his career in Big Payroll. So the third week was rough as well but have a new lady on the team and my colleague Lacey is stepping up her game.  Hopefully she’ll last.

And then we got an announcement that my boss Belinda is moving to a new role at the company, starting in about a month. So there’s a vacancy on my team that will be filled by either my teammate J, my team leader M or The Mythical, Powerful and Wonderful Pattie, who was in charge of me when I first moved into client service. I don’t know which direction things will turn but I am hoping that Pattie returns to our flock, to lead us once again.

Further excitement: Dogs are fine. House is fine. Cheesecake City Restaurant Week was mostly a bust. Had Mexican with Denise and her husband Greg on Sunday. Monday Gene and ate at the hotel restaurant at Embassy Suites (delicious but the service was a little sporadic). Tuesday was at a delicious local restaurant one town north of here. We had plans for Wednesday and Thursday but ended up with gourmet meals of Ritz crackers and Fig Newtons, Lemonade and toast. I spent the last week with some kind of stomach problem, I even took Friday off since my team needs me, but doesn’t need me need me. I spent my sick day off sleeping away the morning and then trying to decide what I could tolerate eating.

More later maybe, the Ambien fairy has struck.

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