I assume we are all familiar with the concept of doing surprising things after taking Ambien, right?

(Oh, Ambien, I Love You)

(Love You!)

Anyway, so the other day I was washing my hair in the shower, as one does, when it hit me. “Hmm. I bought something last night. Oops.”

Apparently, after Ambien O’Clock (9:00 PM), Gene had gone to bed and I was playing Twilight Canasta and checking my email. Where I had a message from Sephora, offering me a free sample of Prada Candy perfume if I placed an order. So I cruised over to Sephora and apparently I had stuff in my ‘cart’ and that was the day to pull the trigger. The purchase was planned-ish, I just hadn’t ordered yet. (Still a mystery: Why did I put lip gloss in my cart???)

Today, however, I dimly remembered looking at plane tickets to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving* last night, but apparently I didn’t actually buy anything. Heh. That would have been interesting to explain to Gene… “So, Ambien apparently drove me to book a vacation…”

In retrospect I would do this if I knew I could get away with it.

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