Merry Tuesday

Seriously. Christmas is on a Tuesday this year. This isn’t a holiday, it’s playing hooky from work. Maybe I’d Understand Better if I Were A Christian, but I call shenanigans on Christmas on a Tuesday. So this week I get to work Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday? I had to work yesterday. I have to work tomorrow. Shuh-NAN-i-gans. Much like we observe Presidents Day, etc only on Mondays now as to experience the joy of a 3 day weekend, it’s time to make Christmas moveable. In fact, I feel it’s time that we as a nation embrace Christmas in July because December is really just Year End Eve in my industry so I spend the last week of the year working and hiding under my sofa. Plus, it would entirely remove the discussion about “How do we celebrate Christmas in schools?” because WTF, it’s in July now and no one’s in school in July. And finally, travelling in the winter time sucks due to snow, ice, the aforementioned year end, etc, but July is wide open.

You’re welcome, America!

Now on to more serious topics: On this, the holiest of Tuesdays, Gene and I are going to be enjoying a crock pot of Shredded Chicken Tacos as well as mashed potatoes and Elaine’s Famous Rum and Sweet Potato Casserole From AllRecipes. Dessert is TBD but my level of general crankiness suggests I should make a pan of brownies and keep them for myself.

One thought on “Merry Tuesday”

  1. I am totally with you on this Christmas on Tuesday nonsense. This is not a holiday. I was home with the three kids on Monday until 2 when my husband got off work. Ran around all night. Ran around the whole next day and trashed the house and now he is back to work today and i am home alone again with the three kids! WTH?!

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