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So, yesterday we finally got the dogs to the vet’s office to get them caught up on the various and sundry medical things that needed to be done.

(Speaking of which… I, LaineyD, solemnly swear to get my dogs to the vet’s office when they are actually due for things and not 1-3 months later).

1) All three dogs were due for the kennel cough vaccine (which is only a big deal if they were going to be boarded anytime soon, which they aren’t, so I felt OK about putting that one off).

2) Betty got her ear looked at finally, which makes me feel like a total asshole as she had not one but two kinds of ear infection. I knew she had an issue and I’d been cleaning her ears out at home every few days just biding my time until  I wasn’t working on a Saturday 🙁

3) Sadie got her heart worm bloodwork (as she came to us heartworm positive, she has to be tested every 6 months) and it was NEEEEEEEEEGGGGGGAAAATIVVVVE!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY. I won’t lie, I teared up right there in front of the vet (Dr. Babytalk), who looked at me like I was cuh-ray-zee until I reminded her that Sadie was heartworm positive as of the last time they’d tested her.

4) Sadie also has a spot on her hind leg that we wanted them to look at. Dr. Babytalk determined it is a lick granuloma. Basically, this is what happens when a dog licks at a spot frequently enough that it gets inflamed. Why do dogs do this? Anxiety. What a shock that Gene and I would have a dog with anxiety (Elaine types, while nibbling a finger)! The vet gave us some stuff to put around the spot to keep her from licking at it – it’s bitter apple flavored. So far, I think Sadie may like the flavor of bitter apple. Sigh.

5) And hooray, the vet bill came in way under what I was concerned it would! YAY. (It does kind of make all that stupid overtime worth it though!)

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