Q: How many year-ends…

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Does it take for me to finally start sprouting gray hair?

A: 13. Thanks a lot, 2012!

Yes, I’m vain (as vain as a woman who owns neither makeup nor curling iron) but I have always been proud that I didn’t have any gray hairs yet. Imagine my shock when I found one peeking out amongst the brunette hairs. Unlike the other random white hairs I’ve found, this one was attached to me (usually I have dog hair all over me). It goes without saying that I tweezed it off my head quickly!

Now the question is, how long do I wait before calling the salon for an appointment for highlights? I haven’t colored my hair in years but it’s time to start it again. The mall opens today at 12, is today too early or should I wait until March?

Ugh, I’m oooooooooooold.

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