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1) Why do they even bother to make single stuf Oreo cookies? Who says “Gosh, I couldn’t eat all the frosting in the middle of a Double Stuf Oreo!”

2) I really worry that someday they’ll rename psoriasis “Kardashian disease.” Is it not bad enough that I have itchy flaky spots on my elbows, knees, HANDS, etc and get the “what the hell is wrong with you?” side-eye from the guy behind the counter at the fast casual Mexican restaurant? If the medical community pulls a Lou Gehrig’s Disease with this…ugh, I have got to figure out a way to become legitimately lifelong famous so I can be the most famous person on Earth with psoriasis. Maybe I’ll luck out and she’ll get the plague sometime instead.

And in better news…

1) Best Picture Showcase is coming up on the next two Saturdays! Movie nerd Paradise!

2) Still going to Indy right before my birthday!

3) My parents are coming to town in April! YAY!!! So so so excited.

4) Applied for a promotion at work. Is it possible all of my work dreams could come true?

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